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My Favorite Linux Tools

This post was originally posted on my account. It was migrated here for archival purposes. Checkout the original post for all kinds of awesome Linux discussions. I wanted to list a few utilities that either help my productivity on Linux or make working in Linux more pleasant in some way. I really enjoy setting […]

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My Top 10 Programming Proverbs

A little while back, I started a repo of funny (and insightful!) programming quotes and proverbs. These often take a shape of an existing proverbs (like Rome wasn’t built in a day) and get translated to be tech-relevant and hopefully give you a good chuckle (like Facebook wasn’t built in a day). Protip: You can […]

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The Definitive React Hooks Cheatsheet

React Hooks is the new hotness in the React world. I’m writing steadily more and more of them and I thought it would be useful to have a cheatsheet to refer back to which encompasses the basic hooks as well as the intricacies of useEffect. Check out the official Hooks API Reference for more in-depth […]

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Keep Your Types And Interfaces Closer (In TypeScript)

I’ve been writing production TypeScript for a little over year and as a hobby for a couple of years longer than that. If you’ve never used TypeScript before, the quick way to describe it is that it’s ES2015+ and types thrown together. Ie. modern JavaScript with real typing. TypeScript is awesome and I love writing […]

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