My Windows Dev environment


I’m not a Windows dev (meaning, I don’t make apps for the Windows platform) but I do use the OS as my main OS. I’ve used Linux (different window managers) and OS X in the past over long periods of time so I got to try it out but I also seem to fall back […]

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Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to AngularJS


Last Saturday, I gave yet another talk on getting started with AngularJS and with good success. I found myself wondering though, along the way, why is it that we keep needing these “getting started” talks with Angular? What makes it so complicated? Why do we need endless “basic” tutorials? I think the answer lies in […]


The A-ha! Moment of being a game development beginner


Every programming paradigm has a peak point, the point of no return that I call the “A-ha!” moment. It’s the moment where you get “it” and “it” is no longer confusing. You may not understand all the facets of the paradigm but you know enough to exponentially move forward, using professional tutorials and literature as […]

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Mid-year Check In


For a few years now, I’ve been doing a “What did I do in the past year” and “What I am looking forward to in the next year” articles that summarized what I’ve been up to and what I’m planning. I usually placed this somewhere around December and January time, just about when New Year […]


Are programmers dull?


I pose this question to you and I want you to think about it. Just for a moment, are programmers dull as people? I wouldn’t think so but my own thoughts on the subject problem do not reflect reality. Back in the 90s, someone who said they were a programmer were instantly categorized: geeky, nerdy, […]

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How to fortify your WP site for HN posting


Please, for the love of God(s)*(esses)*, consider what happens when your post takes off when it’s on HN, or Reddit, or hell, even Twitter. It may happen to anyone. And it’s absolutely horrendous to see the “Error could not connect” page or just an infinite loading time. And worse yet, the top comment will probably […]

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