Why Microsoft should be getting developers excited


In the past //build/ conference, Microsoft did something that it hasn’t done in a long time, it got people excited about developing on their platform. Talk after talk, they introduced new features and new technology welcomed by any C#, ASP, or .NET geek and many of those that have long strayed from that path. The […]

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I’m in my 20′s, and nowhere near my prime


Seeing startups booming all around me, being lead by people that are younger than me, can be daunting. More than daunting, it can be downright terrifying. I know I’m not alone in this feeling that many on HackerNews express in their comments. The success of newly acquired startups often gets expertly dissected by journalists that […]

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What fibonacci taught me about programming


I originally wanted to write this neat piece on how solving the “get a number from the fibonacci sequence” problem can teach YOU a lot but over the past year, I’ve realized that programming is such a personal experience that I believe I’d do you injustice by preaching and schooling you. Instead, I’d like to […]

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Understanding Quicksort, and taking advantage of JS’s native implementation


Algorithms are a pretty interesting aspect of coding. Of course, they’re not solely part of coding, as the definition states: Algorithm: a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps, as for finding the greatest common divisor. But as a developer, I see algorithms as they pertain to developing systems […]

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The Wild West of Working On NodeJS In Production (and why it’s fun).


NodeJS is a lightweight technology that no one has yet conquered and shackled in the prison of “Best Practices”. When coding a new app, there’s no list of frameworks to use, no service containers to worry about, no definitions, no injections or ejections or what have you. When you start a new app, there’s app.js […]

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Version everything from code to environment, and treat your entire application as a dependency


With new tools allowing us to version more parts of our application, it’s time to truly version everything, and treat our applications as dependencies

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Top things to look forward to in web development in 2014


Just a few things I’ve noticed that I am looking forward to. If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them! 1. Keeping hardware-light One thing I wrote about in my article about my last year’s achievements was the idea of setting up different environments for coding (local, staging, production), versioning everything from code […]

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Top Things I learned about development in 2013

Picture of my dog because she's awesome.

2013 has been a year as crazy as others. I changed my job, encountered a slew of terrible recruiters (as always!) and found a place where I like working and plan to stay long-term. Which is great. I also got married, redid my site (several times), made some cash, did some things and voila, I’m […]

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Fixing debugger-linecache failure to install gem native extension with Ruby 1.9.3


If you’re still plagued by having to use Ruby 1.9.3 and you may be using, idk, Vagrant or any other type of testing environment, or just your own machine, you may have encountered the following error when installing either “debugger-ruby_core_source” or the “debugger-linecache” package. This can particularly happen if you’re using RVM or other ruby […]

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Why I’m Taking A Blogging Sabbatical


Blogging can be hard work, especially when done rigorously and over an extended period of time. You can burn out but most importantly, your interests my drastically change. Here’s why I’m taking a break and why you maybe should, too.

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