I’m taking the ads off my website


For the past two years, I’ve put ads on my site and just about every site I’ve built. Whether there was an adsense banner in the footer or a square at top of the sidebar, I never took any of it off. Until today. I have several reasons for that and most of them go […]

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Don’t tell people to use VIM (because) You’re Using It Wrong


tl;dr: VIM is becoming a fad and the people that advocate it are VIMposers that just copy someone else’s dot-filesĀ and talk about productivity when, in fact, VIM doesn’t magically make you more productive nor does it make you faster. Instead, if you genuinely want to use VIM, you should check out Coming Home To VimĀ and […]

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Mid-year Check In


For a few years now, I’ve been doing a “What did I do in the past year” and “What I am looking forward to in the next year” articles that summarized what I’ve been up to and what I’m planning. I usually placed this somewhere around December and January time, just about when New Year […]

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Are programmers dull?


I pose this question to you and I want you to think about it. Just for a moment, are programmers dull as people? I wouldn’t think so but my own thoughts on the subject problem do not reflect reality. Back in the 90s, someone who said they were a programmer were instantly categorized: geeky, nerdy, […]

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Bro, do you even program? The case of non-programming programmers


It was late at night, when I stumbled on yet another Quora question concerning the topic of “Programmers not programming”. The topic itself always seemed ridiculous to me. What is a programmer if they can’t program? It seems to me that there is an arbitrary line that one has to cross to know that they […]

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How to fortify your WP site for HN posting


Please, for the love of God(s)*(esses)*, consider what happens when your post takes off when it’s on HN, or Reddit, or hell, even Twitter. It may happen to anyone. And it’s absolutely horrendous to see the “Error could not connect” page or just an infinite loading time. And worse yet, the top comment will probably […]

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Google created an oligopoly of top ranking sites


Oligopoly: a market situation in which control over the supply of a commodity is held by a small number of producers each of whom is able to influence prices and thus directly affect the position of competitors The state of the web and content discovery has left a bitter taste in my mouth since the […]

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How 30 Days of Commits managed to piss me off rather than excite me.


Recently, I had it in my head to participate in the new trend of filling up your Github contributions graph. After seeing five different articles on HackerNews and hundreds of search results on the topic, I decided that it was time for me to join in on the fun. The premise behind the entire activity […]

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Why Microsoft should be getting developers excited


In the past //build/ conference, Microsoft did something that it hasn’t done in a long time, it got people excited about developing on their platform. Talk after talk, they introduced new features and new technology welcomed by any C#, ASP, or .NET geek and many of those that have long strayed from that path. The […]

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I’m in my 20′s, and nowhere near my prime


Seeing startups booming all around me, being lead by people that are younger than me, can be daunting. More than daunting, it can be downright terrifying. I know I’m not alone in this feeling that many on HackerNews express in their comments. The success of newly acquired startups often gets expertly dissected by journalists that […]

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