Whether it’s a large corporation or a small startup, every business considers outsourcing parts of their work at point or another. The benefits of doing so often dazzles business owners: cheap labor, fast work, more workers, no need to pay benefits or keep a full time staff, hired as needed!

The problem is, reality strays from such ideals. Outsourcing, especially overseas, is usually met with language barriers, poor project management, outsourcing companies that come and go, instability, poor quality and a high cost for fixing mistakes that come up during production.

Aj Creations provides “safe” local outsourcing. Let’s first look at why some companies opt in to outsource their development, design, and branding work:

  • There are too many project or work demand cannot be handled by the current infrastructure in place. A company may look to outsource parts of the projects and work.
  • The company is growing and a business owner wishes to keep the growth stable. Outsourcing is the best solution to keep the growth steady until there is enough money to hire more employees and build new infrastracture.
  • There aren’t enough resources to take on a new employee, yet. Often there is a gap between work demand and the supply. The work demand may not be enough to pay for a full-time employee with benefits. Outsourcing is a great solution to keep that “as-needed” employee
  • The main focus of the company may lie elsewhere. Many printing agencies get requests for print-media design; however, they do not offer this service directly. And while they may not want to expand into the design market, they may want to take advantage of the profits that come from it.
  • A project may appear that requires a specialist. Many companies get projects they are not a 100% able to fulfill. Those projects come and go and it would not make sense to hire a new employee for it, or train existing employees to handle it, especially since a much cheaper one-time solution is available.
  • Profits are bigger when outsourcing projects. There is no need to pay benefits, health insurance, or a full-time salary. It’s an as-needed contract that make much better sense, financially.

Aj Creations can handle all of these situations for a business. We make money while you make money.