Bootstrap is used for just about everything. Hell, the topic of bootstrap brings me most of my traffic! It’s hot, it’s still somewhat new, and it’s also a source of controversy. I’ve spoken about over-usage of the framework, abuse of it, misuse of it, and so on, and I’ve spoken out loudly against keeping the “default” look.

Well, here’s my thing. It’s a great tool, but not only for rapid creation of prototypes, it’s a great tool to layout a foundation for your site. It defines elements you may not have thought of defining, kind of like a “pre-emptive definition”. Use it in your background, customize it, and make it work for you.

In this article, we’ll be exploring all of the places that Twitter Bootstrap has become integrated.

Top Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes/Integrations

my WIP site for a blog using WP Strap

my WIP site for a blog using WP Strap

I think we’ve all been waiting for this, a wordpress theme that’s as easy to design as it is to code. In the past, It’s been normal to release a feature and design it later. Putting a new form on your site? Let me drop in a shortcode and worry about its looks later.

Well, BS on WordPress provides you with a damn good foundation to do just about everything. Dropping in that form? No problem, default ‘strap look will ensure that whatever you’re new thing you’re developing or tweaking, it’ll look good. On top of that, you get buttons. And buttons are awesome. So what are all the different choices?

WordPress is continuing the trend of being able to just “jump in” to the technology and make what you want. The great thing about this front-end development framework on wordpress is bootstrap themes! I’ve talked about it before. You drop in a theme, and you’ll instantly see a brand new look for your site. There are numerous tools out there for creating themes and many marketplaces as well. They’re worth checking out and coupling with one of these wordpress themes!

Other CMS Bootstrap Integrations

Bootstrap CMS home page

Bootstrap CMS home page

There are, of course, other content management systems that benefit from Bootstrap’s abilities. So let’s go over them:



Other CMS

I’ll also be building a Kirby CMS Bootstrap Theme to add to the mix 😉

Frameworks That Integrate With Twitter Bootstrap

Pongo CMS - a laravel integration of Bootstrap

Pongo CMS – a laravel integration of Bootstrap


  • Bootsparks – bootstrap form integration for the framework. I always do it manually but this bundle makes it MUCH easier!
  • Bootstrapper – adds a set of bootstrap classes to Laravel and replaces default pagination to suit Bootstrap. You’ll have the ability to add bootstrapped alerts, helpers, use forms, icons, and labels, even the navbar! 🙂
  • PongoCMS – a full featured CMS for Laravel with just about EVERYTHING you can imagine. It has a back end, a front-end, SEO features and so much more 🙂



  • ZF Boiletplate – Zend boilerplate with Twitter integration
  • Bootstrap Helpers – different helpers that help twitter bootstrap classes to html, create navbars and add other features.

Paid Resources

  • WrapBootstrap – Bootstrap Theme Marketplace
  • ThemeForest – Marketplace for all sorts of things. Has many bootstrap integrations with different systems

More Resources?

There are, of course, many many more resources that you can work with. Everything’s just a google search away!