After writing NUMEROUS bootstrap articles, I decided to share with you my top 18 sites that inspire me when I build twitter bootstrap themes for either clients or myself. I hope this helps anyone out that needed to see what you can do with Bootstrap! 🙂


Kippt I think is the best example and gets often cited as one of the sites that utilized Bootstrap in the best way.

kippt kippt


A new site, currently in Beta, is Bootstrapped based as well. The site currently focuses on new tutorials and articles. I even wrote some myself. Outside of that, they’re moving into a linkedin-esque, stackoverflow-esque kind of setup. Definitely watch out for that 😉 and sign up! (Disclosure: I worked there for over 30 days at one point).


Gather Content

Gathercontent is a site content management site for companies and individuals that deal with creating content for clients and otherwise. It’s pretty great since your clients get their own accounts as well to approve the content or make comments.


Quick Media Solutions

Quick Media Solutions is a company that provides a lot of different apps for a lot of different purposes. Their site is bootstrap-based as well. They’re using Open-Sans font which gives the entire site a very unique feel.


Jumpstart UI

Jumpstart UI is actually a theme marketplace similar to WrapBootstrap. They’re not as big and from what I understand, they only use their own premium themes that they sell rather than host different sellers. Check out their site!



Sentry is an app that notifies you when your users experience any UX errors on your website or application.


Moms I Owe

A breast cancer support site with all kinds of information regarding breast cancer.


Mumz World

An e-commerce site specifically aimed at mothers.


CSS Deck

Arguably one of the nicest implementations of Bootstrap, CSS deck is showcase gallery of CSS projects.


New York See It

New York See It is an instagram feed of pictures from New York City with the hashtag #NYC. Very minimalist, very clean.


Mero Campus

Where “education meets social network”. It’s a site for future and current college students looking to follow or figure out what colleges to go to, new scholarships, courses and other college-related stuff that meet their specific criteria.


Kickoff Labs

Kickofflabs is a service that creates amazing landing pages for you complete with sign up forms and email marketing options.



GoSquared is a real-time analytics tool that will show you who is on your site, how they got there, and where from. I personally used it only for a brief amount of time (real-time analytics aren’t too important to me) but they might be worth it for some.



Easel is a web design / website creation app that allows easy creation of documents. It has a slick UI based on Bootstrap but heavily extended.


Your Karma

Karma is a hotspot that works just about everywhere. It works on the principle of sharing and giving. When someone else uses your “Karma”, you get extra data for yourself and that person gets a data allotment too. Very cool setup.



MetroTwit is a Windows8 client for Twitter. It’s very beautiful.



A Christian website that, I have to admit, has one slick design, in part because of bootstrap.


80|20 Select

80|20 Select is a site for logo and brand designers. Think of it as a freelancing site. You can either come in as a client that needs designers or a designer that needs clients.



So, Metrobill is having some demo login issues but the site has an amazing dashboard built with Bootstrap. Metrobill focuses on easy billing.



There are definitely enough sites to give you inspiration on how to build your site using Bootstrap. If you still haven’t had enough, check out WrapBootstrap, BragThemes, and ThemeForest  (affiliate links) for Bootstrap themes and how they were created. You can also check out the built with bootstrap blog.