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If you are tired of looking at themes that have over-the-top graphics, you might want to go in for a simple, modern and minimalistic WordPress theme. Besides having minimal styling elements, these Minimal WordPress themes offer designers and developers the right starting point to venture out developing and embellishing them further.
WordPress has many really beautiful and aesthetically designed themes you could choose for your blog. This is a collection of the best minimal WordPress themes that are completely free. These modern and minimalistic themes will certainly inspire you to change your blog’s appearance. You might even be tempted to try your hand at designing and tweaking these themes to suit your style.

  1. Studio:

Studio WordPress theme is a simple, clean and modern theme. The design is perfect for designers, illustrators and artists to showcase their creative work. This theme is compatible with WordPress and Safari; it is optimized for search engine and it supports theme videos also.

  1. Delicate:

True to its name, Delicate WordPress theme is a simple and clean theme. This free minimalistic design can be customized to suit your blogs requirements. This theme can be structured and arranged neatly making it extremely customizable.

  1. Satoshi:

Satoshi is a beautifully minimal WordPress theme making it just right for showcasing projects and other creative works. It has a complete array of professional page templates, an aesthetically designed front page, attractive blog design, stylish portfolio page, and a fully operational customer contact form. You can also add the logo of your company and also integrate it with Google Analytics.

  1. New York, New York theme:

This WordPress blog theme‘s creation was inspired by New York magazine.  It looks clean with a predominantly white background. While this theme has a fixed width, it comes preloaded with a set of useful widgets.

  1. Imbalance:

Imbalance is an interesting modern WordPress theme. Its designs are simple and yet stylish. Apart from being a free minimalistic theme, it is very easy to use. This theme looks stunning under any browser and operating system. It can be used for your blogs, magazines and portfolios.

  1. Exhibition:

This theme appears more like a blog. It is perfect for designers, illustrators, photographers, and artists to display their work. This free WordPress theme helps in showcasing creative work in its portfolio and writing a post about the work. This theme works well when the focus is on the work that’s been showcased than on the theme.

  1. MagZine WordPress Theme:

This free WordPress theme is user friendly and easy to configure. True to its name, MagZine theme is inspired by magazine style. It has auto generated thumbnails. It has a separate photo section.

  1. Skeptical:

With an interesting name, Skeptical is a very flexible theme. It gives you freedom to have posts and related posts next to each other on the home page. Better still, you can choose to have widgets on your sidebar.  You also have the option of adding your Flickr stream to the footer of the webpage.

  1. Graphite:

Graphite is an extremely functional WordPress theme that doesn’t let go off its minimalist aesthetic design elements. Although it is perfect for creative professionals, it can be customized to suit everyone.

  1. Textback WordPress theme

This theme is incredibly clear, with an absolutely brilliant white background. Its uncluttered stylish design will perfectly suit every type of blog. It is a distraction free, minimalistic and modern WordPress theme.

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