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How I Structure My JavaScript File

Loads of people have been asking me how I write my JavaScript — okay, that’s a lie, no one asks me that but if they did, I’d like to point them to this article. I adopted my code style over the years, after reading Clean Code (and other books), after using years of PHP. Yes, […]

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7 Insane Ways to Become a Sensational Coder

Writing powerful code is one of the key developmental areas of web design that allow a site to rise to its true potential. While some experts are masters at developing sophisticated coding that truly puts the site’s best attributes on displays, many other struggle to push past the plateau that separates mediocre coders from really great developers. Use the 7 following tips to push your A-game forward, learning how to develop codes that will let you stand out from the pack and begin creating dynamic web destinations that blow your past creations out of the water.

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