About a year or two ago, I had a guest post on the 10 Best Free Minimalist Worpress Themesย and despite my initial worry of posting my first list-based article, the article was well received.

Honestly, WordPress has come a long way since then. It continuously upgrades and updates and gets to a new higher point. I decided to write another compilation of best minimalist wordpress themes for anyone who is interested.

Book Lite


Book lite is a single column-style blog theme. It’s responsive and definitely goes big with its images. It has all the things you’d expect from a good wordpress theme:

  • customization support
  • threaded comments
  • sticky posts

It also features several of its own options, like being able to set if fixed or flexible width. It touts itself as “content first!”

Wu Wei

wu-wei-themeWu Wei is a minimalist theme very light in its colors but also features a dark color scheme alternative. As before, it has all the things you’d expect from a good WordPress theme:

  • customization support
  • sticky post
  • rtl-language suppport
  • translation readiness

It’s a two column layout based theme but as it very visible, the second column is mainly used for information about a post while the main column puts emphasis on the content.


highwindHighwind resembles the more traditional WordPress theme with a full sidebar separated from the content. It focuses on typography and, again, content. As always, it has what you’d expect from a good WordPress theme:

  • Customization support
  • post formats
  • sticky posts

Highwind utilizes flat design and has a sticky header that travels with you as you scroll. Very neat looking theme.


reddle-themeReddle is a WordPress theme inspired by an older theme that’s been retrofitted into the modern, minimalist design scene. It has a full sidebar and a post stream that resembles Tumblr themes. It features some cool stuff:

  • single and multiple column layouts
  • customization
  • different fixed/fluid layouts

Overall, it’s a nice theme for a blog and while the screenshots don’t look like much, its power is in the customization. Add a header, change the layout, change the other options, and you’ve got a brand new look.


ryu-wordpress-themeRyu is a little bit weird, especially with its menu (no, it’s not a separate screenshot from a mobile view) which at first repulsed me but then made me like it. It’s definitely minimal on that side. It features a double column layout with a big featured image. It also has some other features:

  • customization options
  • image post format as well as other post formats get special layouts.
  • gravatar or custom header
  • various menu options and “widgets” (for the top menu)

While Ryu may be a little bit different, it also brings something new to the table. Its top menu has various customizations and is unlike the regular wordpress menu on most themes. Definitely worth checking out.


confit-themeConfit might not entirely fit into the “minimalist” category but it’s very nice and clean anyways. It’s branded as a “restaurant” or “cafe” theme but it’s much more than that. It features a very versatile sidebar meant for not just the menu but other random information. If you ARE a foodie, there is a food menu that you can create. It has some other features as well:

  • full customization
  • full page background image
  • flexible headers

Confit is great for restaurants but can be fitted into any blogger’s needs. Very cool ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have your own suggestions?

I’m happy to post them here, even Premium themes. I’m always on the lookout for the best stuff in the industry ๐Ÿ™‚