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How to fortify your WP site for HN posting

Please, for the love of God(s)*(esses)*, consider what happens when your post takes off when it’s on HN, or Reddit, or hell, even Twitter. It may happen to anyone. And it’s absolutely horrendous to see the “Error could not connect” page or just an infinite loading time. And worse yet, the top comment will probably […]

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If It Exists, There Is A Twitter Bootstrap Version of It

Bootstrap is used for just about everything. Hell, the topic of bootstrap brings me most of my traffic! It’s hot, it’s still somewhat new, and it’s also a source of controversy. Well, here’s my thing. It’s a great tool, but not only for rapid creation of prototypes, it’s a great tool to layout a foundation for your site. In this article, we’ll be exploring all of the places that Twitter Bootstrap has become integrated.

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How To Start Being A Web Developer (Quickly)

Big questions that’s often asked on a variety of forums. “What can I do to become a developer?” The question has puzzled many and often yields a list of books (that no one other than the poster has/will read), list of websites (that are WAY too advanced), and a battle over languages and definitions. Very pointless.