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How To Start Being A Web Developer (Quickly)

Big questions that’s often asked on a variety of forums. “What can I do to become a developer?” The question has puzzled many and often yields a list of books (that no one other than the poster has/will read), list of websites (that are WAY too advanced), and a battle over languages and definitions. Very pointless.


Customize Twitter Bootstrap To Not Look Bootstrap-y

LEASE, if you do use Bootstrap for just about everything be courteous to your audience and change up some of the basic variables so it doesn’t look all the same! I just tested a really cool app and was SO disappointed that it used bootstrap. I’m sick of seeing the same damn buttons. I’m sick of seeing that same damn toolbar up top. It’s driving me crazy.

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Build Your Own Blog Tutorial Part I: The Vision

As just about every developer out there, I want to build my own blogging engine. Not just for the learning experience but also for my personal use and because the vision I have of this blog does not match any open source systems available out there right now. I decided that it will become an Open Source project hosted on Github or wherever (part by part) so that everyone can follow along, learn, and use the engine. Let’s take the first few steps so that we can define what it will do, what technology will be used, and what we want from it.

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Page Titles – SEO vs UX

Page Titles have started to play a pivotal role in social networks, news feeds, Google Reader, and more to show new posts, new updates, new messages, and to give the user a push-style notification within the browser. The page title shows the user what’s happening with that site, and what it is all about. Each network has its own way of notifying the user but most simply add a number in parentheses to signify new comments/posts ie. “(4) Facebook” and some even flash their titles to get your attention.

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