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Kirby CMS Theme: From Start to Zurb Foundation

I will be walking you through a quick Kirby CMS installation and setup and then quick kirby cms theme creation with Zurb Foundation. Zurb, being a great company that recently acquired Forrst, and is hoping to revive the community. Zurb Foundation being their tool which rivals Twitter’s Bootstrap on every front. They even have their own icon font!


Using Google Webmasters and Google Analytics To Find Your Next Blog Post

Ever get stuck in a rut because you can’t come up with a good article topic? Happens to me too, hell, I haven’t written anything new in over a week! But then, what should I do? And how can I write an article that’s meaningful and adds to the value of my site?

Use analytics. I’ve mentioned before that Google Analytics is your best friend when it comes to blogging and running a site. It’s an amazing toolset. Now, let’s integrate the knowledge of that tool and add Google Webmasters to the mix.

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10 Best Free Minimal WordPress Themes

If you are tired of looking at themes that have over-the-top graphics, you might want to go in for a simple, modern and minimalistic WordPress theme. Besides having minimal styling elements, these Minimal WordPress themes offer designers and developers the right starting point to venture out developing and embellishing them further.

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