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A Month In

About a month ago, I started my new job at a fresh startup. It’s self-funded but with a cool idea that addresses a particular industry’s needs. I’d like to talk about my experience but without expressly talking about the product itself, so for now, visualize it as a super-customized version of Dropbox for a particular […]

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Programming Myths

Programming myths permeate the developer world as much as urban myths spread through high school. The non-tech media believes it whole-heartedly, young developers suspect something but stay in denial, and older developers know better, most of the time, until they start a whole new myth that serves them. Or a combination of the reactions may […]


Developer Burnouts – Why and How Not To

Developer Burnouts is a chapter from my upcoming book, Web Developer Dot Meta. Subscribe to my mailing list to get more information. Burning out is an issue that all developers face. And younger developers are often not aware of. To put it simply, a burnout is a state where one is overly fatigued by continued […]

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Handling Critique As a Developer

Handling Critique is a chapter from my upcoming book, Web Developer Dot Meta. Subscribe to my mailing list to get more information. I like to say that people that criticize you unconstructively are people that are not happy. And with that, I’d like to talk about handling critique from your peers. Just like artists that […]

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What I want to do in 2015

To go along with my article about what I did in 2014, I thought it’d be prudent to look to the future and figure out what I want to do this year. Last year, I accomplished much more than I would have hoped and this year, I want to take it easy so far in […]

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Where are all the remote tech jobs?

I’ve recently started the arduous process of finding a new job and have encountered quite a struggle in the process so after having read Paul Graham’s article on immigration, I decided to write this article to weigh in with my lay knowledge, anecdotes, and personal knowledge. First, let me reiterate what Paul said. Basically, he […]


What I did in 2014

2014 was quite a year for me, just like any other year. Before I get into the specifics, I learned one big thing: Despite thinking I had slowed down on my learning endeavor, I’ve sped it up to tremendous velocities. What I mean by that is that, when you start programming, everything is new. Before […]

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Don’t tell people to use VIM (because) You’re Using It Wrong

<img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-3552" src="×796.png" alt="vim" width="1024" height="796" srcset="×796 cialis overnight.png 1024w,×233.png 300w, 1279w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px” /> Sigh This article got a lot of attention from a lot of people and now ranks very highly for the keyword search “janus vim” based on the Janus vim¬†config. The article was originally written¬†very […]


Mid-year Check In

For a few years now, I’ve been doing a “What did I do in the past year” and “What I am looking forward to in the next year” articles that summarized what I’ve been up to and what I’m planning. I usually placed this somewhere around December and January time, just about when New Year […]