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Are you an unemployed developer? Here’s what to do

I keep running into unemployed devs, people that can do a lot of the things I do, and almost definitely everything I currently get paid for. It’s always surprising to me in some way especially on reddit. There are devs that would work for 1/4 of what I get paid, 1/2 of what I get paid, devs that are happy with 70% of what I get paid, for almost the same work (I say “almost” because I’m not 100% sure as to what they do and how i compare to it).

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SOPA/PIPA: My take on it.

Below is a video that a bunch of BIG people have blogged about (Wordpress, Yoast, and some others). For those not wanting to watch it, it basically describes how PIPA will severely harm internet through domain blacklisting, suing search engines, social networks, hindering startups, and impeding on internet security as well as right of speech under the pretense of “battling pirates” and losing against them once again. The bill will not stop anyone from being able to access a site directly using an IP address (like: which sould be your router) but it will stop anyone from using the domain name.

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