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Improve Your Windows Development Environment

Windows has been my main dev environment for about 4 years with some linux interspersed in there. Before that, I used OSX and Windows interchangeably. When I made the switch, I wrote an article on my Windows Dev environment and today, I want to write a sort-of update, and sort-of introduction on how to make […]

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(Many) Arguments Against Windows 8 Are Crap

The forums are a-raging, fanboys splitting an already thinning fanboy line, and magazines tentatively putting themselves at either of two extremes: loving or hating Windows 8.

Well, the problem with those feelings is that, they come from MANY misconceptions, a lack of knowledge, and generally, just not wanting things to change (even though they don’t have to). Let’s go over some details that people “whine” so much about:

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Why I’m So Damn Excited About Microsoft and What Makes Microsoft SO Cool.

With the recent news of MS losing money for the first time ever, people assume that Microsoft is tanking, that it’s starting its slow descent to hell right beside RIM. I’m sure investors are getting scared, the stocks are dropping but you know what? I’m pretty damn excited about Microsoft and what it’s doing. There are so many things that I’m looking forward to as far MS goes this year and I’ll definitely be dropping money their way.

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