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Using Google Webmasters and Google Analytics To Find Your Next Blog Post

Ever get stuck in a rut because you can’t come up with a good article topic? Happens to me too, hell, I haven’t written anything new in over a week! But then, what should I do? And how can I write an article that’s meaningful and adds to the value of my site?

Use analytics. I’ve mentioned before that Google Analytics is your best friend when it comes to blogging and running a site. It’s an amazing toolset. Now, let’s integrate the knowledge of that tool and add Google Webmasters to the mix.

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SEO Considerations for a Mobile Site

It’s no secret that mobile search is already important and it is only destined to see continued growth, with some predictions saying that mobile internet usage will surpass desktop usage by 2014. But, in case you needed a reminder, here are some key statistics that will spur your efforts in making your website more mobile friendly:

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Page Titles – SEO vs UX

Page Titles have started to play a pivotal role in social networks, news feeds, Google Reader, and more to show new posts, new updates, new messages, and to give the user a push-style notification within the browser. The page title shows the user what’s happening with that site, and what it is all about. Each network has its own way of notifying the user but most simply add a number in parentheses to signify new comments/posts ie. “(4) Facebook” and some even flash their titles to get your attention.

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