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I’m taking the ads off my website

For the past two years, I’ve put ads on my site and just about every site I’ve built. Whether there was an adsense banner in the footer or a square at top of the sidebar, I never took any of it off. Until today. I have several reasons for that and most of them go […]

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Half-Monitor Media Query

I think that there is one important media query that we have missed and that a lot of people just ignore. We go from large size monitors (1200+), to middle sized (1024) to tablets (734) and then mobile. Well we forgot a really important one! Ready?

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Requesting a Guest Blog Post on Technology

First of all, I can’t tell all of you how excited I am about the popularity my blog has gained. I went from seeing 5 people a day to seeing 25,000! 🙂 I owe it to each and every one of you. I’d love to recount my entire story about how amazed I am, about how I love that my articles are contributing! About my switch from online discussions to meaningful article writing. About my monetization journey and more.

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How To Write Code Comments Well

Code organization is a huge thing, especially for developers (because they deal with code), and often times it’s a philosophical debate as to how code should be documented, if spaces should be used instead of tabs, what kind of documentation should be used and so on. Yet, what no one brings up is the dire issue of COMMENTING. We can all agree that comments are essential (and sometimes used to build half-ass documentation on big systems) but what no one really mentions is the fact that people are crappy commenters. From syntax use to descriptions. We just suck, really badly and that’s not the way a Zen Developer should be.

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