My name is Antonin Januska and I am a web developer, designer, writer, life enthusiast, and more. I was born in Czech Republic but have spent the last decade living in the United States. I currently work for a document management product company based in Houston, TX. While I reside in Colorado.

Outside of development, I love to write and have won a NaNoWriMo in Nov 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and almost 2015. I also love photography, 3d modeling, and male fashion. If you ever want to see what I’m striving toward in my life, check out my nearly organized pinterest, or check my Github to see my current code obsessions.


  • Featured Writer on Dzone
  • Becoming an authority on everything Bootstrap through my writing and discussions
  • Becoming a Lead Developer at a startup before turning 21
  • Finishing 3 full-length novels (WIP names: Aetheran Child, Aetheri Origins, and Rise of Toria)
  • Getting from 0 to PR3 / 20K (a month) visitor blog in less than a year (my story)
  • Getting married to a beautiful lady 🙂
  • Becoming a father.
  • Taking care of 3 very needy but amazing dogs.
  • Interview for the developer of the week at Dzone