About Me

My name is Antonin Januska and I am a web developer, designer, writer, life enthusiast, and more. I was born in Czech Republic but have spent the last decade living in the United States. I currently work for a document management product company based in Houston, TX. While I reside in Colorado.

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  • Featured Writer on Dzone
  • Becoming an authority on everything Bootstrap through my writing and discussions
  • Becoming a Lead Developer at a startup before turning 21
  • Finishing 3 full-length novels (WIP names: Aetheran Child, Aetheri Origins, and Rise of Toria)
  • Getting from 0 to PR3 / 20K (a month) visitor blog in less than a year (my story)
  • Becoming a father.
  • Taking care of 3 very needy but amazing dogs. (it’s only 2 now 🙁 )
  • Interview for the developer of the week at Dzone