Advantages of Using A CDN (or why I use MaxCDN)


A CDN is a “Content Delivery Network” and the way I think about it is that it’s a cheaper “server” that holds copies of your images, videos, and other miscellaneous files in multiple locations and is used to serve your visitors with that data.

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Interview With The Co-Founder of Grip’d: Raphael Caixeta


Raphael Caixeta is a young Brazilian entrepreneur/developer and co-founder of Grip’d. Read the interview to learn more about him and how he came to be a dev .

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Kirby CMS with Bootstrap 3.0 WIP


Dive into Kirby CMS and build your blog theme with the help of a UI framework Bootstrap and its pre-release WIP version Bootstrap 3.0

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RE: You should really pay for the products you use

Created using Live Meme

I read my friend’s blog post yesterday on paying for the products you useĀ and I thought I’d write my own rebutal. I’m a web developer like he is and understand the idea of revenue models and I feel like the customers does not always have to directly pay for a product for the product to […]

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Genesis Framework Review: My Take On The Popular WordPress Theme


Figure out if Genesis is for you. Read the Review on Genesis functions from the user and developer perspective

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Best Twitter Bootstrap Extensions and Forks of 2013


Twitter Bootstrap derivatives are coming out in masses. Check out which ones are worth following and perhaps integrating into your workflow

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My Site Redesign – What’s better, And What Can I Improve?


If you’ve been on this blog before, you’ll notice that it looks quite different today! That’s because last weekend I decided to take a new route with my site. It’s a major move not only in design but also in development.

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Adding Twitter Card Support To Your WordPress Theme


Add Wordpress support for the new Twitter card that twitter utilizes to show your information more fully in the feed. Only a few easy lines!

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Webhost Review: StableHost (vs Justhost, vs Godaddy)


What’s the best webhosting company out there? Check out my review of stablehost and how I compare it to my experience with Justhost and GoDaddy

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IE10 Has Auto-Updating


I was just checking my IE10 install on my W7 machine when I found this. The default option on IE10 is actually to auto-update. You know what this means?

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