Webhost Review: StableHost (vs Justhost, vs Godaddy)


What’s the best webhosting company out there? Check out my review of stablehost and how I compare it to my experience with Justhost and GoDaddy

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IE10 Has Auto-Updating


I was just checking my IE10 install on my W7 machine when I found this. The default option on IE10 is actually to auto-update. You know what this means?

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Using PostgreSQL As A Search Engine For Your Site

Image provided by Stocklove

Create a search engine for your website with the power of PostgreSQL and its full-text search function. Implement it with your Laravel application!

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Build A Stacey Flat-File CMS Template


I’ve reviewed and created a Zurb Foundation Theme for Kirby CMS. Well, it’s time to go to the cheaper (free) alternative called Stacey. Stacey works on the same principles as Kirby in that it’s a flat-file CMS that’s super-easy to work with.

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If It Exists, There Is A Twitter Bootstrap Version of It

Bootstrap CMS home page

Bootstrap is used for just about everything. Hell, the topic of bootstrap brings me most of my traffic! It’s hot, it’s still somewhat new, and it’s also a source of controversy. Well, here’s my thing. It’s a great tool, but not only for rapid creation of prototypes, it’s a great tool to layout a foundation for your site. In this article, we’ll be exploring all of the places that Twitter Bootstrap has become integrated.

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How To Build A Blog With Kirby CMS and Zurb Foundation


In my last blog post, I showed everyone how to create a simple theme for Kirby CMS with Zurb Foundation. Today, I’ll show you how to run a blog with this snazzy setup. If you downloaded my theme last time, you’ll be able to follow along directly. Otherwise, pick up a copy on github and follow along.

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Kirby CMS Theme: From Start to Zurb Foundation


I will be walking you through a quick Kirby CMS installation and setup and then quick kirby cms theme creation with Zurb Foundation. Zurb, being a great company that recently acquired Forrst, and is hoping to revive the community. Zurb Foundation being their tool which rivals Twitter’s Bootstrap on every front. They even have their own icon font!

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Throwback Thursday: my blogging through time


In the coming weeks, I’ll be working on a redesign and restructuring of my website as well as the launch of several sister sites.

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Running A Blog: 0 to 20,000 visitors/month


Read the detailed journey of going from 0 visitors a month to over 20K, running a successful blog, watching out for problems, and celebrating success.

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Top 10 Things I learned In 2012 Year In Web Development

stock image by: Neednewname

So here, I present you the top 10 things I’ve learned through my freelance work and various jobs.

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